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Station IDRoadwayBeginning PointEnding PointAADT
878001 Kimball Ave. Midland Ave. Palmer Rd. PDF
878032 (State) BRP S/B to CCP E/B BRP S/B CCP E/B PDF
878042 (State) BRP S/B to CCP W/B BRP S/B CCP W/B PDF
878114 McLean Ave. Bridge Putnam Ave. Tibbets Rd. PDF
878114 McLean Ave. S. Broadway/US9 Bronx C/L PDF
878124 Central Park Ave. Bronx C/L McLean Ave. PDF
878134 Central Park Ave. McLean Ave. Rutland Rd. PDF
878144 Bronx River Pkwy. Bronx C/L Cross Cty. Pkwy. PDF
878154 Bronx River Pkwy. Cross Cty. Pkwy. Sprain Brook Pkwy. PDF
878164 Bronx River Pkwy. Tuckahoe V/L Eastchester T/L PDF
878164 Bronx River Pkwy. Sprain Brook Pkwy. Tuckahoe V/L PDF
878174 Bronx River Pkwy. Eastchester T/L Greenburgh T/L PDF
878213 Lake Ave. NY9A US9 PDF
878262 Broad St. Viaduct Midland Ave. Mt. Vernon C/L PDF
878422 Ashburton Ave. NY9A Yonkers Ave. PDF
878463 Tompkins Ave. NY9A Hastings V/L PDF
878513 Wakefield Ave. Bronx C/L Kimball Ave. PDF
878562 Bronxville Rd. Tuckahoe Rd. Palmer Rd. PDF
878573 Odell Ave. Warburton Ave. US9 PDF
878574 Wakefield S/B On Ramp Bronx River Rd. BRP PDF
878584 Wakefield S/B Off Ramp BRP Bronx. River Rd PDF
878594 Oak St. N/B Off Ramp BRP Oak St. PDF
878604 Oak St. N/B On Ramp Oak St. BRP PDF
878614 Bx. River Rd. S/B On Ramp Bx. River Rd. BRP PDF
878624 Bx. River Rd. S/B Off Ramp BRP Bx. River Rd. PDF
878634 BRP N/B to CCP E/B Sta. 153+00 157+60 PDF
878634 BRP N/B to CCP E/B Sta. 161+50 Sta. 175+08 PDF
878644 CCP E/B to BRP S/B Sta. 156+54.8 Sta. 148+74 PDF
878644 CCP E/B to BRP S/B Sta. 174+50 Sta 156+54.8 PDF
878654 CCP E/B to BRP N/B Sta. 169+34 Sta. 177+60 PDF
878664 BRP N/B to CCP W/B Sta. 159+60 Sta. 163+20 PDF
878674 CCP W/B to BRP N/B Ramp Bull Nose Accel. Lane End PDF
878684 CCP W/B to BRP S/B Sta. 137+40 Sta. 144+40 PDF
878694 Parkway Rd. N/B On Ramp Parkway Rd. BRP PDF
878704 Desmond Ave. S/B Off Ramp BRP Desmond Ave. PDF
878714 Paxton Ave. N/B Off Ramp BRP Bronxville V/L PDF
878722 Manor House Sq. Riverdale Ave. US9 PDF
878724 Paxton Ave. N/B On Ramp Bronxville V/L BRP PDF
878734 Palmer Rd. S/B On Ramp Palmer Rd. BRP PDF
878744 Pondfield Rd. N/B Off Ramp BRP Pondfield Rd. PDF
878754 Elm St. N/B Off Ramp BRP Tuckahoe V/L PDF
878763 Radford St. Riverdale Ave. US9 PDF
878764 Elm St. N/B On Ramp Tuckhoe V/L BRP PDF
878774 Scarsdale Rd. S/B On Ramp Scarsdale Rd. BRP PDF
878784 Vermont Terrace S/B On Ramp Vermont Terrace BRP PDF
878794 Thompson St. N/B Off Ramp BRP Thompson St. PDF
878804 Thompson St. N/B On Ramp Thompson St. BRP PDF
878813 Old Nepperhan Ave. Nepperhan Ave. NY9A PDF
878813 Roberts Ave. US9 Nepperhan Ave. PDF
878814 Vermont Terrace S/B Off Ramp BRP Vermont Terrace PDF
878851 Fort Hill Rd. Greenburgh T/L NY100/Central Ave. PDF
878891 Warburton Ave. Dock St. Ashburton Ave. PDF
878892 Executive Blvd. Nepperhan Ave. US9 PDF
878901 Warburton Ave. Ashburton Ave. Hastings V/L PDF
878921 Tuckahoe Rd. Central Ave./NY100 Parkview Ave. PDF
878921 Tuckahoe Rd. Parkview Ave. Tuckahoe V/L PDF
878931 Tuckahoe Rd. Central Ave./NY100 Grassy Sprain Rd. PDF
878941 Tuckahoe Rd. Grassy Sprain Rd. I-87 SB Ent. Ramp PDF
878971 Palmer Rd. Mile Square Rd. NY100 PDF
878971 Palmer Rd. NY100 Eastchester V/L PDF
878971 Palmer Rd. Fortfeild Ave. Mile Square Rd. PDF
878971 Palmer Rd. CR33III NY9A Fortfeild Ave. PDF
878972 Glenwood Ave. Warburton Ave. US9 PDF
878981 Kimball Ave. Bronx C/L Yonkers Ave. PDF
878991 Kimball Ave. Yonkers Ave. Midland Ave. PDF