Ashford Avenue new roadway looking eastboundThe Ashford Avenue Bridge connects the Villages of Ardsley and Dobbs Ferry. It traverses the Saw Mill River, Saw Mill River Parkway, South County Trailway and the New York State Thruway. On Dec. 14, 2015 the project has been awarded to EE Cruz & Company, Inc. in the amount of $17,902,768. The construction phase commenced on Jan. 4, 2016 and will be completed by Sept. 20, 2018. Review the list of frequently asked questions.

The bridge, built in 1950, carries 20,170 vehicles per day (2012 volumes). The 33-month project will be broken into three primary stages plus a pre-stage.  During stages one and two, Ashford Avenue will be reduced from four lanes [two lanes in each direction] to two lanes [one lane in each direction]. During stages one and two, there will be limited periods of overnight construction when steel and piers are removed and subsequently installed over the Saw Mill River Parkway and New York State Thruway. In order to reduce the duration of full-time lane reductions on Ashford Avenue, pre-stage activities will occur with off-peak lane closures on Ashford Avenue.

In addition, the entrance and exit ramp to the Northbound (NB) Saw Mill River Parkway (SMRP) will be closed during the pre-stage and remain closed in stage one and two.  In stage three, the NB entrance and exit ramps will be reopened and all four lanes should once again be available in peak periods.

Project Update: Work completed.

On Monday March 14, 2016, Exit 17, from the Northbound Saw Mill River Parkway to Ashford Avenue was closed for long term construction.  Also closing was the entrance from Ashford Avenue to the Northbound Saw Mill River Parkway. Detours are posted utilizing Route 9A (Saw Mill River Road) and Lawrence Street. In addition, multiple Variable Message Signs (VMS) were installed to notify motorist of the ramp closures. The northbound entrance and exit ramps for the Saw Mill River Parkway will reopen early in Stage 3, after the bridge has been restored to 2 lanes in each direction.

Currently the Ashford Avenue Bridge Projects is in Stage 2.  An overview of the construction stages is as follows:

  • Pre-Stage – Began on Jan. 4, 2016 and ran until June 15 2016.  During the Pre-Stage there were midday lane closures (generally from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM) on Ashford Avenue for off-structure utility relocations.   The closure of the northbound entrance & exit ramps to Ashford Avenue occured in the pre-stage, along with the demolition of the ramps.
  • Stage 1 began on June 15, 2016 and ran until May 3, 2017. During Stage 1, the south half of the Ashford Avenue Bridge was demolished and replaced.  During this time there will be one lane of traffic in each direction on Ashford Avenue with no access to/from the Northbound Saw Mill River Parkway.
  • Stage 2 began on May 4, 2017 and lasts approximately 1 year. During Stage 2, the north half of the Ashford Avenue Bridge will be demolished and replaced.  During this time there will be lane of traffic in each direction on Ashford Avenue with no access to/from the Northbound Saw Mill River Parkway. 
  • Stage 3 began on January 12, 2018. During Stage 3, the Ashford Avenue Bridge has been restored to two lanes in each direction during peak periods with  remaining work restricted to midday or overnight periods.  The restoration of the interchange (exit/entrance ramps) with the Northbound Saw Mill River Parkway, occurred on February 6, 2018 of 2018. Single lane closures during off-peak hours are possible until the completion of the project by the Summer of 2018.

Project Evolution

In June 2012, some concrete fell from the bridge on to the thruway below.  In response to that, County Executive Robert P. Astorino immediately ordered additional inspections of the bridge, initiated a $1.5 million capital project amendment to address the bridge's immediate needs and organized an effort to expedite the $24 million (includes design, construction, construction inspection and right-of-way acquisition) long-term capital project for the bridge's rehabilitation.

Questions or comments about the project

If you have any questions or comments, submit them online. We have created a list of frequently asked questions for your reference. You may also subscribe to receive updates on the progess of the bridge's repairs.

Press Releases and other Project Updates
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Publications associated with this project are listed below.

Project Publications
$1.5 million Capital Budget Amendment - 7/27/2012
Ashford Avenue - Public Meeting Presentation - 5/16/12

Eminent Domain Procedure Law Republic Hearing

In accordance with, Article 2 of the New York Eminent Domain Procedure Law ("EDPL"), a public hearing was held on May 20, 2013 for the proposed public project (PIN 8760.92) to rehabilitate the Ashford Avenue Bridge (BIN 5348380) which is located within the Villages of Ardsley and Dobbs Ferry and situated over the Saw Mill River Parkway, South County Trailway, Elm Street, the New York State Thruway (Interstate 87) and the Saw Mill River, and the public project to rehabilitate the entrance and exit ramp between Ashford Avenue to the northbound Saw Mill River (BIN 534838A). Below are the Exhibits from this public hearing, and comments received and the County's responses.

Determinations & Findings Legislation
Public Hearing Transcript
Exhibit 1 - Newspaper Adv
Exhibit 2 - Cert of Newspaper Pub
Exhibit 3 - Property Owner Notification
Exhibit 4 - Project Design Report and Appendices (Links below)
Exhibit 5 - Power Point Presentation
Exhibit 6 - ROW Maps
Exhibit 7 - ROW Summary
Exhibit 8 - Determinations and Findings Legislation
Exhibit 9 - Synopsis of Determinations and Findings
Exhibit 10 - Affidavit of Publication of Synopsys of Determination and Findings


Replacement of the Ashford Avenue Bridge over the NYS Thruway and

Saw Mill River Project Design Report and Appendices

Final Design Approval Document - August 2013
Appendix A - Project Photographs
Appendix B - ATR Counts, Synchro-HCM Output
Appendix C - Accident Data, Accident Diagrams and Speed Study Data
Appendix D - NEAP, Environmental & Hazmat Checklists
Appendix E - Initial Project Proposal & Correspondence
Appendix F - NYS Wetland Maps
Appendix G - Preliminary Estimate of Construction Costs
Appendix H - Public Informational Meeting Slides
Appendix I - ROW Table and 353c Form
Appendix J - Non Standard Feature Justification Forms
Appendix K - Detour Route & Preliminary Plans
Appendix L - Asbestos & Lead Containing Paint Survey Report
Appendix M - Bridge In-Depth Inspection Report
Appendix N - Conceptual Stage Relocation Plan
Appendix O - EDPL Hearing Correspondence


Public Meetings
May 16, 2012