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Westchester County Department of Public Works & Transportation
148 Martine Avenue
White Plains, NY 10601
(914) 995-2271

Best Management Practices Manual on Highway Deicing Storage and Application Methods A publication that provides guidance and information to reduce the adverse effects on water quality associated with or attributed to improper storage and application of highway deicing chemicals.

1999 Storm Water Management Plan (SWMP)
Dec. 2010 Update to the 1999 SWMP - Executive Summary
Dec. 2010 Update to the 1999 SWMP - Full Report
SMRP Vol. 1 - Site Location Map
SMRP Vol. 1 - Soil Map
SMRP Vol. 1 - FEMA Maps
SMRP Vol. 1 - MS4 SPDES Areas
DEC 2010 Final Volume 2 Cover
Appendix A - Pre 1987 Conditions
Appendix B - Existing 2010 Conditions
Appendix C - Proposed 2011 Conditions
Appendix D - Future 2011 Conditions
Drawing - 1999 SWMP Figure 2-1
Drawing - Detention Pond Basin A
Drawing - Detention Pond Basin B
Drawing - Drainage Area Map DA-1
Drawing - Drainage Area Map DA-2

Westworks A weekly synopsis of advertised contracts, bid opening results, and awarded contracts and agreements

Airport Layout Plan Checklist (Word Doc) A checklist to insure that all pertinent information is reflected on the Airport Layout Plan (ALP) set of drawings for airports seeking formal FAA/State Block grant approval of a new or updated ALP.
Airport Layout Plan Checklist (Adobe Acrobat) - Same as above but in Adobe Acrobat.