Before any construction project gets underway, those responsible for the project must secure the necessary building, road and stream permits. Many of the forms required to secure these permits are available online. Read over the requirements carefully so your application is complete the first time.

Building Approvals and Road Permits
Permits required constructing upon property having frontage on, access to or otherwise directly impacting the county road system.

Stream Permits
Permits required when disturbing any area within 100 feet of a county stream bank. List of county streams are provided.

Traffic Safety
A program designed to educate and utilize other tools, in effort to improve safety for travelers on our roadways.

All across the country, members of community organizations have signaled their commitment to keeping America beautiful by “adopting” stretches of roadway and pledging to keep them litter-free. Westchester County has enacted a similar program entitled, “Pride in Westchester: Adopt-A-Road”.

The Westchester Educational Safety Training Committee is a collaboration of individuals from local states and municipalities who meet and share ideas on emergency vehicle repairs, safety and maintenance.

Storm Water Management
Storm water runoff is the excess rain or melted snow that cannot be absorbed by the soil and flows off our roofs, and over our yards, parking lots and streets.