Contractor's payment package

The contractor's payment package provides documentation materials for contractors who are performing work for Westchester County.

The following documents are included:

  • Payment Sheet
  • Certified Payroll
  • Weekly Employment Affidavit
  • Monthly Utilization Report
  • M/WBE Monthly Report

The documents below are all Microsoft Excel worksheets. To use them, follow these instructions:

  • Step 1: Click on the item you want to open.
  • Step 2: Before making any changes to the file, save the page with a different name to your computer. (Go to "File", then "Save As" and save using a different name to a folder on your computer.)
  • The worksheet is now saved with your new file name and you'll be able to be edit the file as you require. 
Payment Form - 1 Page
Payment Form - 2 Pages
Payment Form - 3 Pages
Payment Form - 4 Pages
Payment Form - 5 Pages
Payment Form - 6 Pages
Payment Form - 7 Pages
Payment Form - 8 Pages
Payment Form - 9 Pages
Payment Form - 10 Pages
Final Payment Form - 1 Page
Final Payment Form - 2 Pages
Final Payment Form - 3 Pages
Final Payment Form - 4 Pages
Final Payment Form - 5 Pages
Final Payment Form - 6 Pages
Final Payment Form - 7 Pages
Final Payment Form - 8 Pages
Final Payment Form - 9 Pages
Final Payment Form - 10 Pages

The documents below are included in the contractor's payment package. They are all pdf files and require Adobe Reader to open, view and print them. Download the free Adobe Reader if you don't already have it. You can download the entire package in one complete format or individually.

 Contractor's Report of Employment & Weekly Affidavit
 Monthly Employment Utilization Report
 Certified Payroll Form
 Contractor's Certificate
 Subcontractor's Certificate
 Final Package Submittal Checklist